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Please leave ultra-precision cutting and microfabrication to Limited Company Kouno Seisakusyo located in Zama City of Kanagawa Prefecture. We are professionals in processing metal, plastic and composite materials of special character.

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Kouno Seisakusyo, Limited Company President Takashi Kouno

"We put the connection between People first.Out aim is to be a company Trusted by our Customer."

I spend every day of my life without giving up positive thinking and always remembering ambition which can never be satisfied with current state. Having chosen Never ending "Go Forward" as our corporate philosophy, we strive every day in order to be of service to our Customer, and are making the most of our corporate strength - the vitality of skilled craftsmen and young manpower.

Kouno Seisakusyo, Limited Company
President Takashi Kouno

"Four Reasons" our Customer trust Kouno Seisakusyo

Our company has made it possible to deliver high quality small lot products and prototypes at short delivery time (one week after receipt of order) and currently final product shipment is available at lead time of just three days.
We have introduced 5-axis machining equipment in 2015 and are proceeding introduction of Small machining equipment in 2016. Our next target is to introduce a high-performance machining with accuracy of 1 micron by 2017.
Using a fusion of the skilled artisans know-how and high-precision equipment, we made it "Ordinary" to deliver high-quality products ultra-fast.
All in order to justify our Customers' trust.

Fullfilling 98% of Customer Request

Our company performs processing of both – Difficult metal materials and High standard Resin.

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Achieving Delivery in Minimum of 3 Days!

Reducing meetings about drawings confirmation and time for man-hours estimation, perform the inspection and processing using cutting-edge equipment.

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Cutting-edge Equipment merged with Technology!

We are investing in cutting-edge equipment that matches the level of our know-how which unites processing methods with processing setup.

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Group of Professionals in Precision Machining

Our Factory has developed young specialists who helped to transform it into a Professional Re-Engineering Plant.

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Company Profile

Company Name Kouno Seisakusyo, Limited Company
Location Headquarters Location: 252-0328 Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Minami-ku, Asamizodai 5-17-4
Zama Factory Location: 252-0002 Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture Komatsubara 1-11-19
Established Year 1981
Capital Stock 12 million yen
President and Chief Executive Officer Takashi Kouno
Number of employees 15 people
Main Businesses Duracon, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass, precision parts processing
Bank Yachiyo Sagamidai branch, Seibu Shinkin Bank Hashimoto branch, Johnan Shinkin Bank Chuorinkan branch, Yokohama credit union Minamirinkan branch
Member organizations Sagamihara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sagamihara Youth Industrial Management Research Association

Corporate history

Company founded in Sagamihara City, Sagamidai
1998 Company moved to Sagamihara City, Asamizodai. Introduction of first CNC complex automatic lathe equipment.
Opened Zama Plant.
Kouno Seisakusyo, Limited Company Organizational changes.
Zama Plant Transfer (Moved to current location)

Access Map

By Automobile

In the Komatsubara intersection turn to Zama direction, go straight for 500 meters and then turn right to the Industrial zone at the intersection of Mitsubishi Electric Logistics Center.

By Bus

Bus headed to Minamininkan from Odakyusagamihara Station (Odakyu Line).
5 minute walk from "Komatsubara iriguchi" stop

1 Chome-11-19 Komatsubara, Zama-shi,
Kanagawa-ken 252-0002

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