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Please leave ultra-precision cutting and microfabrication to Limited Company Kouno Seisakusyo located in Zama City of Kanagawa Prefecture. We are professionals in processing metal, plastic and composite materials of special character.

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In order for you to know Kouno Seisakusyo better

Please refer to the list of frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions about us or any questions or inquiries about our products, please feel free to contact us using the following inquiry form.

About Materials and Size

What materials are possible to process?

Variety of plastic and metal materials such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass, Duracon and others.

What is the size that can be processed?

While being different depending on processing method, generally processing of diameters from 0.5φ to 200φ (outer diameter 400φ), length up to 250mm (outside diameter 1,500mm) is possible.

What is the limit of processing accuracy?

Processing of 0.005mm units is possible.

About Processing Conditions

What processing is possible in addition to NC lathe and Machining?

CNC High-precision Ultra-fine MC Center, CNC Compact Automatic Complex Lathe, Bench Lathe processing, Wire-discharge, Laser, Gear cutting and sharpening, Broaching etc. processing methods are also available.

Can you produce a product without drawings in case I bring actual part?

Yes, we can produce any product after confirming size and making CAD drawings confirming important points in meetings with Customer.

About Delivery

Is short production lead time possible?

Although being different depending on the working process, materials etc., minimum of three days is possible delivery timing. Please contact us for more details.

How fast can I receive a quotation?

Although being different depending on material and processing process, in case of only lathing process it is possible to quote based on primary drawings. Official quotation in such case will be provided within two days.

About Lot size

What is the minimum lot size?

Prototypes are machined from one piece. In case of mass production products lot will vary depending on shape with maximum lot size up to of 5,000 possible.

About Quality

What is the limitation of dimensional tolerance?

In case of lathe processing inner and outer diameter up to0.01mm and concentricity up to 0.01mm is possible.

How high is the Quality?

Because we are using only most advanced measurement equipment, we are confident that offered products will satisfy our Customer.

Is inspection of scratches and burr reliable?

We perform sampling inspection at different steps of production process and burr check of each individual piece is made manually by a specialist after the product completion. After that using the most advanced inspection machine we test the part according to strictest standards thus ensuring minimum failure rates and defective products.

About Secondary Processing

Can you provide surface processing such as quenching or plating?

It is possible for lathe processing parts within limitations of inner and outer diameters up to 0.01mm and concentricity up to 0.01mm.

About Packaging and Delivery

Will you organize delivery?

In case of close locations, our company car will deliver the product. In case of further locations we will work with a shipment company and can usually guarantee next morning delivery for most regions inside Japan.

What is the packaging style used?

Kouno Seisakusyo considers products to be our Customers Treasure. And we deliver this Treasure with most responsibility. After strict inspection we package the part so that upon delivery our Customer would say "It is good we asked Kouno Seisakusyo to do this work."

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