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Please leave ultra-precision cutting and microfabrication to Limited Company Kouno Seisakusyo located in Zama City of Kanagawa Prefecture. We are professionals in processing metal, plastic and composite materials of special character.

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Four Reasons to be Trusted

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Four Reasons to be Trusted

Our company has made it possible to deliver high quality small lot products and prototypse at short delivery time (one week after receipt of order) and currently final product shipment is available at lead time of just three days.
We have introduced 5-axis machining equipment in 2015 and are proceeding introduction of Small machining equipment in 2016. Our next target is to introduce a high-performance machining with accuracy of 1 micron by 2017.
Using a fusion of the skilled artisans know-how and high-precision equipment, we made it "Ordinary" to deliver high-quality products ultra-fast.
All in order to justify our Customers' trust.

Fullfilling 98% of Customer Request

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Our company performs processing of both – Difficult metal materials and High standard Resin. We can achieve highest level of accuracy due to performing Junction process in-house.

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Achieving Delivery in Minimum of 3 Days!

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Know-how gained in years of experience allows us to reduce drawings confirmation meetings and estimation of man-hours. Processing with utilizing our cutting-edge equipment and testing methodology allows us to deliver product in minimum of 3 days.

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Cutting-edge Equipment merged with Technology

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Our know-how unites processing methods with processing setup. In order to take full advantage of this know-how, we are planning further investment to expand our cutting-edge equipment.

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Group of Professionals in Precision Machining

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Started with just one old machine, our Factory has developed young specialists who helped to transform it into a Professional Re-Engineering Plant.

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Kouno Seisakusyo, Limited Company President Takashi Kouno

"In order to be a company on which our Customer can fully rely on, we will continue to run ."

We perform micron unit precision parts cutting works using NC lathe machining, NC lathe machining and machining processing.Due to performing of difficult metal materials and high standard resin small parts Junction process and Microfabrication in-house, we can ensure sustainable highest level of accuracy
Please contact us for the most challenging Processing requests, which were given up by other companies.

Dedicated to Cutting Works! Proven Record of 34 Years since Foundation

Consultation and estimates inquiries

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