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Please leave ultra-precision cutting and microfabrication to Limited Company Kouno Seisakusyo located in Zama City of Kanagawa Prefecture. We are professionals in processing metal, plastic and composite materials of special character.

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Fulfilling 98% of Customer Request!

Kouno Seisakusyo performs processing of both – Difficult metal materials and High standard Resin. We can achieve highest level of accuracy due to performing Junction process in-house.
Of course there are differences in difficult metal materials processing know-how and high heat resistant resin processing know-how.
We have technology which allows it not only to unite know-how of both processing methods and perform simultaneous machining but can also perform further junction of those.

It can be 0.1mm hole! Ultra-small diameter machining

We can open narrow holes using our high-speed rotation machines which are capable to reach up to 40,000 turns.

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We are also proud of first class Machining technology level!

We produce parts using methodology of machining from round materials and square logs with pin-point microfabrication finishing.

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We offer processing and junction of difficult metal materials and high standard resin - technology which no other company can offer!

Our offer range includes machining of stainless steel, Inconel, hastelloy etc. nickel-based alloys, titanium, iron, aluminum and brass as well as hard-to-cut materials such as high-standard resin and special materials processing and joining.

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Consultation and estimates inquiries

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TEL:046-259-2170 FAX:046-259-2171 Hours | Weekdays9:00〜17:00

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