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Please leave ultra-precision cutting and microfabrication to Limited Company Kouno Seisakusyo located in Zama City of Kanagawa Prefecture. We are professionals in processing metal, plastic and composite materials of special character.

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Four Reasons to be Trusted

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Achieving Delivery in Minimum of 3 Days!

Due to many years of experience in various shapes parts fabrication and processing of all sizes and φ · R, we have accumulated know-how which makes it possible to provide quotation based on primary drawing. Then, we use our advanced technology to process the parts. Please come to us! We will deliver your product in just 3 days.

We deliver high quality products with minimum production lead time due to our re-engineering technology and cutting-edge equipment.

Our re-engineering expertise allows us to provide the most adequate material and processing methods satisfying our Customer needs at the highest level. Please come to Kouno Seisakusyo before giving up the most sophisticated production ideas.

Delivery time of just 3 days possible for a product which usually is delivered in 7 days

Processable materials

Metal Materials Stainless steel / iron / aluminum / brass / nickel / copper / titanium / Inconel / hastelloy
Resin Materials PVC / PE / PP / ABS / PMMA / MC nylon / Duracon / POM / PC / PPS / PEEK / PTFE / SP1 / PBI
Combination Processing Examples Stainless + PBI / Stainless + SP1 / Titanium + PEEK

Consultation and estimates inquiries

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TEL:046-259-2170 FAX:046-259-2171 Hours | Weekdays9:00〜17:00

Accept inquiries from all locations in Japan *For inquiries from distant locations reply timing might be slightly delayed

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